Central Plant Laboratory
Central Plant Laboratory of JSC ‘Zavod Elecon’ is engaged in holding the following research:
    - analysis of metals and  identification of stuff grade  by spectral method in compliance with GOST and TU;
    - determination of thicknesses and quality of  galvanic coating(one –layer and multilayer coatings);
    - determination of mechanical properties of sheets,bands,rods and wire  in the delivery condition(state as received) for conformance to GOST and TU.
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Metrological Service
Metrological Service of JSC ‘Zavod Elecon’ renders services on instrument verification and calibration
The instrument verification and calibration is carried out by skilled professionals in compliance with the cope of accreditation and application to the license on kinds of measurement:
    - geometrical measurement instruments(end gauges,calipers etc.);

    - optomechanical measurement instruments(MI)(microscopes,profilers etc.);

    - mechanical MI(scales, hardness testing instruments, tension testers-dynamometers);

    - pressure and vacuum measurement devices(manometers, vacuummeters);

    - temperature measurement devices(temperature controller,potentials of KSP type, all-purpose temperature controllers(TRM),thermocouples etc.);

    - measuring instrument of time and frequency (LF  and pulse generators,electrotechnical MI(voltmeters,ampermeters,ohmmeters etc.);  

    - radiotechnical MI(oscilloscopes, power units etc.);

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Phones: +7(843)226-93-21, 519-57-41
Fax: +7(843)519-58-24
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