Information disclosure

Information disclosed in accordance with the requirements of order FFMS of Russia dated October 4, 2011 №11-46 / pz-n "On Approval of the disclosure by issuers of securities".

Please note that from 01.09.2012 only disclosed on the website disclosure of CJSC "Interfax" at the following address:

Regulation on the processing and protection of personal data of employees of JSC "Zavod Elecon"

1. The quarterly reports of companies

2. The list of affiliated persons

3. The company's charter and internal regulations

4. Annual Report

5. The annual financial statements

Current account details of JSC "Zavod Elecon" to pay for the cost of making copies of the documents specified in p.1.11. Order of the FFMS of Russia on the approval of the "Regulations on information disclosure by issuers of securities" of 04.10.2011, the №46-11 / pz-n.

The cost of making copies of 2.00 rubles. per sheet.

Cash for copying transferred to JSC "TATSOTSBANK".

Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan
INN 1653003834, KPP 165801001
Current account 40702810300000000344
BIK 049205703, to / from 30101810500000000703

Reporting of addresses on the Internet change from 20.09.2012

Information for publication on the official website of JSC "Zavod Elecon" in accordance with the standards approved by the RF Government Decree of 21.01.2004, the number 24