SNTs 127T,SNTs 127F

These connectors are intended for use in radioelectronic equipment,operating under electromagnetic and conductive interferences.
The connectors consisted of SNTs127F hermetic equipment mounted plug furnished with built-in low-pass filters and nonhermetic cable mounted socket SNTs127T and have multikey shell polarization.
The plugs can be manufactured according to batch-sheet where should be indicated number of contacts and capacity rates on each contact.
The plugs are manufactured w/o backshell,sockets – with straight backshell.
Conductive coating of housing parts.
The connectors have one-key shell polarization and have multi-key polarization of inserts protecting against confusion when the same diameters are mated. Type of mating: bayonett connection Contact plating: gold or silver
The connectors are intended for internal mounting for all climatic areas in compliance with Technical Conditions NKTSS.434410.513 TU
  • Total number of contacts:
    4, 7, 10, 19, 32, 50
  • Operational current per contact from, A:
    0, 7
  • Operational current per contact to, A:
    1, 5
  • Peak operating voltage,V:
  • Plug(male) or socket(female):
  • Equipment(fixed) or cable mounted(free):
    Equipment mounted
  • Сonnector rear design:
    W/o junction pipe,straight
  • Hermetic or nonhermetic:
  • Shielded or unshielded:
  • Type of mating:
    Bayonett connection
  • Number of mating:
  • Operating ambient temperature from, °C:
  • Operating ambient temperature to, °C:
  • Method of wiring:
    Solder mount
  • Wiring:
  • Hermetic, air leakage allowed or not allowed: