These connectors designed for use in DC, AC(frequency up to 3MHz) and pulse current.

RS connectors consist of two halves: hermetic or nonhermetic equipment mounted plug and nonhermetic equipment or cable mounted socket.

These connectors consist of two halves: equipment and cable mounted plugs ( sockets) RSGATV, RSGTV, RSATV, RSTV are mated  with  RSATV and RSTV sockets  by threaded connection RSGBATV,RSGBTV,RSBATV and RSBTVare mated with RSBATV and RSBTV by cut-in connection.  Fixation of mated position for cut-in connector halves  to be secured by consumer devices.

One-key shell polarization of cthe connectors.

The connectors of RS series are manufactured w/o backshell or with backshell(metal or plastic).

The connectors with metal backshell are manufactured in shielded or unshielded version.

Contact plating in the connectors:Gold for  RSGATV, RSGBATV, RSBATV, RSATV, silver for  RSGTV, RSGBTV, RSBTV and RSTV.

The connectors are manufactured for internal wiring  for all climatic for all climatic areas in compliance with Technical Conditions AB0.364.047TU(ASHDK.434410.059TU),shielded version of the connectors is manufactured for cold and moderate climatic areas(UCHL) in compliance with AB0.364.047 TU1.
  • Total number of contacts:
    4, 7, 10, 19, 32, 50
  • Operational current per contact from, A:
  • Operational current per contact to, A:
  • Peak operating voltage,V:
  • Plug(male) or socket(female):
    Plug(male) ,socket(female)
  • Equipment(fixed) or cable mounted(free):
    Equipment mounted, cable mounted
  • Сonnector rear design:
    W/o junction pipe,straight
  • Hermetic or nonhermetic:
  • Shielded or unshielded:
  • Type of mating:
    Cut-in connection, thereaded connection
  • Number of mating:
  • Operating ambient temperature from, °C:
  • Operating ambient temperature to, °C:
  • Method of wiring:
    Three-dimensional(point-to-point), solder mount
  • Wiring:
  • Hermetic, air leakage allowed or not allowed: