Rectangular connectors designed for use in DC, AC(frequency up to 3MHz) and pulse current under voltage up to 150V and current load up to 2A.

The connectors consist of a cable plug and equipment-mounted socket for three-dimensional(point-to-point) wiring fixed in mated condition by screw.

The plug is manufactured with straight backshell,the socket w/o backshell,mounted on internal or external wall of the device. A wiring backshell can be additionally delivered to the sockets in a separate way under a particular order.

These are shielded connectors with conductive coating of the shell-type parts.

Contacts: gold and silver- plated.

The connectors ONP-ZHI-8 designed for internal mounting in compliance with the technical specifications АSLR.434410.023ТU (NKTsS.434410.124ТU), «ОS» ONP-ZHI-8 in compliance with technical specifications NKTsS.434410.901ТU и ensure operating ability in case of their mutual mating with the connectors ONP-ZHI-8 manufactured under NShch0.364.021ТU and with the connectors SNP339 manufactured under TsSKN.430421.004ТU, «ОS» and SNP339 under TsSKN.430421.020ТU.

  • Total number of contacts:
    21, 42
  • Operational current per contact from, A:
  • Operational current per contact to, A:
  • Peak operating voltage,V:
  • Plug(male) or socket(female):
    Plug(male) ,socket(female)
  • Equipment(fixed) or cable mounted(free):
    equipment mounted, cable mounted
  • Сonnector rear design:
    w/o junction pipe,straight
  • Hermetic or nonhermetic:
  • Shielded or unshielded:
  • Type of mating:
    cut-in connection
  • Number of mating:
  • Operating ambient temperature from, °C:
  • Operating ambient temperature to, °C:
  • Method of wiring:
    three-dimensional(point-to-point), solder mount
  • Wiring: