JSC “Zavod Elecon” is a head Russian enterprise on development and manufacture of electrical connectors.
Over a number of years the association (obyedinenie) consisting of JSC ‘Zavod Elecon’, located in the city of Kazan, JSC ‘Electrosoedinitely’, located in the town of Urussy and JSC ‘Kopir’, located in the town of Kozmodemyansk, designs and manufactures more than 70 types of connectors including more than 30 000 part types with a number of contacts ranging from 1 to 128.
See the history of the company
  • 1939
    Mr. Vladimir Petrovich Golovanov the man with a huge energy was appointed as its first director. Industrial area of the plant at the period of the Plant setting up constituted 1556 square meters altogether with 28 units of technical equipment. 170 persons started working at the new plant.
  • 1939
    At the same time in the context of the prospecting development realized by People’s Commissariat Head Department it is approved a project for construction of a new building, 5 000 sq. m. in area.
  • 1941
    In the years of the Great Patriotic War the Plant outputs production for the front: heat radiators for tanks and automobiles, containers for ammunition, rings for hand- grenades, radiant burners for heating up engines of tanks and aircrafts and the other kinds of products- totally about 20 items
  • 1950
    Serial production Launching of  of plug- and- socket  connectors. Number of workers  have been growing, new special machines  being introduced, the volume of fabricated products increases
  • 1955
    The factory received an assignment to fabricate  SHRA-250 and SHRA-400 connectors .Fabricated products were notble for its long  service life. The factory achieved an increase of service life index of the connectors from 4 to 12 years.
  • 1958
    In 1958 the factory staff was charge to output trajectory and telemetering measurement systems ‘Rubin’ and ‘Almaz’ for P-7 missiles designed by S.P.Korolev(of ‘Soyuz’ spaceship)
    The hardware created at the factory successfully worked on the newest spacecrafts including the one called ‘Vostok-1’which  Yury Gagarin  used when flew into space
  • 1965
    The factory was awarded with commemorative  medal of Academy of Science of USSR
  • 1976-89
    In NPO ‘Elecon’within the years of 10-12 five year industrial plans there was conducted  not only a great job on expanding production line for main products(there was developed a great number of  new types of connectors for its time,employed in defense and civil industries
    There were implemented various social and cultural programmes. In 1989 the factory celebrated its jubilee- 50 year anniversary.
  • 1997
    The factory staff started realization of a new project on reorganization of the production line.  A technical revamping as well as change in product mix in compliance with market demands was required
  • 992011
    The factory launched the project of introduction of integrated  CAD system for increasing rate and quality of new product development.
  • 1939
    Elecon’s history dates back to the year 1939 when by Order of USSR People's Commissar for Aviation Industry No 64 issued on March,25,1939 there was founded a plant for heat-exchanging devices based on air heater production line. This data is considered to be the date of the plant birthday.
  • 1940
    As late as by the end of the year 1940 production volume increased 2.5 times. A big role in the achievement of such remarkable successes played a Stakhanovite movement spreaded over the Plant.  Team of the plant worked in hard businesslike rhythm. The team had extensive plans and hopes not materialized because of the Great Patriotic War. The men ahead with the director were off at the front, they were substituted by women and youngsters.
  • 1948
    Pre-war level of industrial production was exceed,the factory returned  to a peaceful life(after war ending)  and started production of plug-and-socket connectors for electronic radioequipment.
  • 1953
    The millionth connector produced. Started mastering radioequipment production .
  • 1957
    Since 1957  large circulation newspaper ‘Rabochee slovo’started to be issued that up to now covers the most important aspects of  the factory’s life.
  • 1959-65
    ‘Fifth five year industrial plan’(a period since 1959 to 1965) became a special year for the factory. The Company required to furnish with the  connectors  all vital  industries, particularly, aircraft manufacturing  
  • 1976
    Foundation of Scientific-Production Association (NPO) ‘Elecon’
  • 1993
    At the enterprise there   is created a consumer goods division: the factory fabricates  illumination lamps, haberdashery and souvenir gifts, scale models of cars within the hard years of the perestroika epoch
  • 1999
    On the year of its 60th anniversary the factory acquired  form of legal entity’s incorporation and the name that it possesses  nowadays- JSC ‘Zavod Elecon’(‘Zavod Elecon’,АО)
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